You can make your life a healthy one.

You can achieve your wellness goals.

In today’s fast-paced society, there’s a gap between wanting to be well and the reality of everyday life. On top of that ingrained contradiction, societal pressures lead us to believe that if we look a certain way, then we’re healthier and more acceptable.  But health can’t be determined by appearance.   If you feel stuck in a constant loop of trying to be “good” to lose weight, and failing every time - it’s NOT your fault!  

Diets don’t work, and can have harmful effects on our bodies physiologically and mentally.  You can stop struggling with yo-yo dieting, shame, guilt, and feeling like every time you try change and “get healthy” you fail.  It’s the diets that have failed you. You are not flawed - the diets are flawed!

It’s time to stop punishing ourselves and start honoring and nourishing our bodies into health.

Let's collaborate to navigate you from where you are now (cycle of cupcakes to cleanses sound familiar?) to where  ever you want to be with your health and your body. (Better sleep, more energy, more freedom around food, better body image, more mental space to focus on more important things than how many grams of peanut butter you’re eating, better metabolic markers, and more confidence are some of the most common outcomes.) Through education, motivation, and science-backed strategies, you can take control of your health and make your wellness goals a reality, and your health a priority.  As your health coach, I will educate you, support you, and empower you on your personal and unique journey to lifelong wellness.

Do this for yourself, and for your family.

Health Coaching focuses on small, achievable goals and gradual behavior changes.  

Wellness isn't just about what you eat. It's about how you nourish your mind, manage stress, and move your body.

We’ll focus on a holistic continuum of health using a realistic approach to nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress so you can all feel your best.  

Forget crash diets and extreme workouts. We'll teach you sustainable habits that will become a natural part of your lifestyle. No more yo-yo dieting or temporary fixes.

That way, you and your family will be able to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle, a healthy relationship with food, and enjoy less stress and illness and more peace of mind.

Let’s Ditch the Dangers of Diet Culture

My ultimate goal is to shift the mindset of Western culture’s food landscape to encourage appropriate and mindful eating and movement practices that will promote a lifetime of health and avoid a life filled with illness and dependence on medications.

“Nina is absolutely incredible. She is so knowledgeable, and so helpful, I felt like I could reach out to her for anything and she would always give me the best advice. I started my health journey in a bit of a rough patch, but Nina never once made me feel ashamed or judged, rather I felt so supported, and I even took on tougher challenges because I knew I would have her there to help me. Even though our private sessions ended a few months ago, I still reach out to her for support and sometimes gentle nudges to get me back on the path. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”


"Nina has the natural ability to talk to people in a way that is not only inspiring but also intentional. In my sessions with her we were able to come up with realistic goals and I have actually stuck to them! I've learned to handle my stress & anxiety a little better with her invaluable help."


"Nina truly is a natural at listening and providing solutions that work for your individual needs. She helps you dig deep to find the root of “why” and builds goals around those blockages. She has helped me find my balance and create boundaries in a healthy and most of all sustainable way."



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