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The pursuit of "health" has strayed from its roots, morphing into something elitist, weight-centric, and harmful. True health encompasses physical, mental, and social well-being. The current obsession with "healthy" is exclusive and leads to extreme behaviors. We need to embrace diversity in bodies, prioritize well-being, and celebrate unique journeys for true health.

This article empowers women to deal with unwelcome body comments by reconnecting with their purpose, normalizing discomfort, shifting focus to personal values, setting clear boundaries, responding kindly, celebrating progress and asserting self-worth. It emphasizes viewing body image reclamation as a journey, not a destination, encouraging resilience in the face of negativity.

Societal obsession with the "thin ideal" shapes our views on beauty and worth due to historical, cultural, and economic influences. Mass media reinforces this ideal, creating body dissatisfaction and inadequate feelings if not conformed to. By challenging these internalised beliefs, appreciating body diversity, and the practice of self-compassion, we can foster body acceptance and self-love.

Intuitive eating is a novel approach to health that deviates from restrictive diets. It emphasizes tuning into the body's natural signals to determine food choices. This method encourages appreciating diverse, nutrient-rich meals, cultivating self-compassion, and valuing overall well-being and balance.

The "food police" are individuals, media, societal messages, among others, that regulate our eating habits, often leading to guilt, shame, and unhealthy patterns.

Break Free From Diet Culture - October 30, 2023

Diet culture, a toxic mindset favouring specific body sizes and appearances, deeply affects one's physical and mental health, fostering weight stigma, discrimination, and self-criticism.

Binge eating and compulsive eating aren't caused by insufficient willpower but instead, restrictive and unhealthy diets prevalent due to a pervasive diet culture.

Accepting oneself, employing positive self-talk, focusing on individual strengths, practicing self-care, and interacting with positive influences are key for sustainable growth.


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